ISO 9001 stamp


American Advanced Assemblies specializes in contract manufacturing in any configuration you require. There is essentially no limit to our manufacturing capabilities.

As a company, we are ISO 9001 certified and follow that methodology with our QMS. We strive as a company to be very diligent with our systems that we put in place to ensure that we protect our customer with quality product. All units provided have traceability to do root cause analysis and corrective and preventive actions to avoid any systemic failures in our process.

Quality Philosophy

American Advanced Assemblies uses a quality philosophy that is engrained in all aspects of manufacturing. By using these principles we are able to be efficient while sustaining a remarkable degree of excellence. Here is a list of things that we use as a baseline for our quality system.

  • Six Sigma Capabilities
  • 5S – Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain
  • 5Y – Root Cause Analysis for Systemic Issues
  • Daily Quality Audits
  • Standardized Work
  • Read Across for all Improvements
  • Employee training – QMS orientation, OJT, IPC and J-STD-001 Certification
  • Validation of Training
  • Employee Training Matrix
  • Process Optimization
  • Control and Validation of Work
Green wires with cleats


At American Advanced we believe in the right tool for the right job and strive to utilize current technology to provide as much automation across our manufacturing processes as possible. We also utilize sophisticated electronic testing to ensure that our products meet our rigorous standards as outlined in our QMS. Some of our current capabilities include:

Software for First Article Inspection and Reporting, AND:

    Tri – Star Laser Marking
    Schleuniger Hot Stamping
    Shrink Label Production
    – Including Bar Coding
    High Speed Schleuniger
    Wire Cutting and Stripping
    Tri-Star Automatic High
    Speed Crimping System
    Tyco Terminators for
    High Volume Reeled Contacts
    DIT-MCO High Voltage
    Electrical Testing
    Cami Research CableEye
    HVX Custom Testing
    Schleuniger 36S Crimp Center
    Fully automated cut/strip/terminate
    Schleuniger Jacket Strip 8400
    Heavy gauge/Multiconductor cable stripping
    Agilent 8714
    Network Analyzer


American Advanced Assemblies’ mission is to strive to achieve the highest level of excellence in the manufacture and supply of interconnect assemblies and contract manufacturing.



  • Tri-Star Laser Marking
  • Schleuniger Hot Stamping
  • Shrink Label Production
  • DIT-MCO - Electrical Testing
  • Soldering - J-STD-001 Certified